Can you spot your next customer?

We can. And we’ll help you find and wow them.
Nomad is a unique marketing firm that blends decades of expertise, behavioral insights, data crunching, strategic thinking, and creative content to forge the most effective paths for turning people into prospects and prospects into customers

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Nomad specializes in identifying, engaging, and converting your customers and clients. If you think your company or product may have that extra value, that secret sauce, we’re the ones who can make your recipe jump off the page and reach out of the screen, turning a “might like” into a “must have.”

At Nomad, not only do we craft compelling stories, we also dissect markets, define segments, and analyze results to fine-tune campaigns and spend every dollar as wisely as possible.

By blending data and behavioral insights, we forge the most efficient and effective strategies to reach your next customer.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
Mount Sunapee

SURFING 20 KNOTS down the face of a wave in the Roaring Forties … That’s the Volvo Ocean Race. Nomad captured the excitement and thrill of this race in an award-winning book.

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Can a video capture the emotional journey of 4 years of school in 2 minutes, without a single spoken word?

At the fifth-oldest independent school in the country, Nomad has led a transformation in the way Kimball Union Academy thinks about itself and the way the school tells its story. The process has included looking inward and finding new perspectives on the outside world.

“Understanding your customers and what they want is the key to helping them discover YOU HAVE what THEY NEED.”

—Alex Kahan, Nomad Communications

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