three professionals standing outside Creare talking on a sunny summer day

High-quality, cutting-edge research.

Creare delivers high quality, cutting-edge research and development engineering to government and corporate customers. Partners depend on Creare to give them a competitive advantage that derives from Creare’s proven ability to innovate and complete the development of new products in a shorter time-to-market. Looking at their first website overhaul in almost a decade Nomad focuses on projecting an immediate sense of “innovation” that emphasized human interaction with the technical development process, wrapped into Creare’s distinctive culture and location. The result is a site that both appeals to potential partners and has quickly aided them in them in competing to recruit highly-qualified employees who will thrive in Creare’s unique setting.


A Little About Creare

male engineer working on an electronic mask for a human head

For over 50 years, world-class engineers have gathered in a bucolic setting near Dartmouth College, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to solve problems and bring ideas from the drawing board to real-life use. Our efforts have resulted in new companies that dominate their market segment to solutions that have enabled the exploration of Mars and deepest reaches of the universe. You can depend on Creare’s proven ability to innovate to deliver the competitive advantage and to develop new products in a shorter time-to-market.


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