Mount Sunapee Resort

Female skier smiling on the hill with snowy trees and perfect snow

Clean. Classic. INSPIRATIONAL.

Our six-year partnership with Mount Sunapee Resort began with helping Sunapee simplify and distill its brand messaging to the elements that spoke most directly to their target audience. Positive sales results followed. Now, as the resort matures, we have added greater depth to the story and visuals, from creating a new design palate steeped in the history of one of the United States’ oldest resort areas, to fine tuning imagery to showcase the best of what Mount Sunapee is and can deliver. With consistency of message and experience, the Sunapee brand is constantly reaffirmed by consumers who respond to a campaign that closes a loop beginning with traditional purchased media, SEO, and search management before winding back home through both inbound and outbound social media.

ideation path for the Mount Sunapee logo redesign



Meet Boris. Boris NEEDS snow.

Mount Sunapee has great snow.

Can Boris get snow from Mount Sunapee to save his Winter Games?