The Sharon Academy

Small is BIG


The Sharon Academy, an independent school in rural Vermont, is a hybrid of public and private education. Nomad worked with the school to gather input from students, staff, and parents about what makes the school such a wonderful, unique place and how to best position the institution for future success. We believed that most valuable communications asset would be the website, and we set about to make it a dynamic portal that reflects the best elements of this fantastic school. By engaging directly with students and parents, Nomad created a genuine and emotionally resonant story that uses short quotes, images, and video to pull the visitor in.

Inspired to be Reborn

The Sharon Academy logo

As part of the process, Nomad led Sharon through the creation of a new logo that captures the spirit and excitement of the school. Based on their mascot, the Phoenix, this engaging new mark quickly took the school by storm. We haven’t yet seen it as a tattoo, but we’re guessing that’s coming soon.

Expressive Without Words

A background video provides depth and lets the visitors know that this school looks and feels a little different than the other options they’re likely considering. But most importantly, since The Sharon Academy is a place that fuels each student’s creativity and imagination, we want the website to inspire and offer room to explore and discover. In less than a minute, you quickly begin to understand why small is BIG at The Sharon Academy.

Sharon Academy homepage sample
Mockup of website