Thetford Academy

Landscape photo of the Thetford Academy campus

Aligning a Quality Presentation with a Quality Education.

At its core, Thetford Academy is an independent school with a public purpose. For nearly 200 years, the Academy has served as the community school for the town of Thetford and a school of choice for neighbors in surrounding areas. Today, students come from more than a dozen towns in Vermont and New Hampshire, and from countries around the world, to become a part of this close-knit educational community.

A New Look For An Established Brand

Samples of the redesigned website for Thetford Academy


Be Challenged. Be Inspired. Be Yourself.

As an independent school with a public purpose, Thetford Academy has been educating students from small towns in Vermont and New Hampshire for almost 200 years. Today, as the region responds to evolving demographic trends and changing political winds, the team at the Academy realized they needed to better communicate who they are and why they matter to families from towns that could, but were not obligated to, send their students to Thetford. In the process of developing a new website for the school, Nomad recommended modernizing and simplifying the school’s logo. The new mark has also become a launching point for sub-programs, while, for the first time, the website effectively communicates the why, what, and how of the school. Key elements of this design were also adapted to create a comprehensive printed course guide given to every prospective student.

Course Guide