sailboat during Volvo ocean race crashing threw the water

SURFING 20 KNOTS down the face of a wave in the Roaring Forties  . . .

That’s the Volvo Ocean Race. Nomad captured the excitement and thrill of this race in an award-winning book. Nomad’s primary work with Volvo, both internationally and in North America, has always focused on bringing big ideas, sponsorships, and events home to consumers to strengthen their bonds with the brand and introduce innovative ideas to new audiences. From coffee table books and mountain bike stunt riding to museum quality point-of-sale displays, Nomad has helped add richness to the way consumers interact with their brand.

Volvo timeline project, 75 years of safety leadership and innovation
ideation of a Volvo/Cannondale mountain bike poster
volvo ad with car sillouette and "Join the reVOLVOlution"

AWARD-WINNING book design.

POSTER CAMPAIGN for Leukemia Society Fundraiser Events