Inbound, Outbound, Multichannel: What’s a Marketer to do?

5 Steps To a Successful Marketing Strategy Sometimes I just long for the good ol’ days when marketing and advertising seemed a lot simpler. There just weren’t that many choices—print, radio, TV, throw in a little direct mail, maybe some billboards, a reasonable ad spend, a clever campaign, and cross your fingers. As John Wanamaker, a […]

Marketing Means Content: How to Write a Great Story

People love good stories. We love to watch good stories come to life at the movies, we love to listen to stories on the radio and via podcasts, and we really love to read good stories. That’s why the best marketing campaigns are the ones that tell a good story. And a big part of a successful story […]

5 Steps to Marketing in a Multi-Channel World

Sometimes I long for the good ol’ days when marketing and advertising seemed a lot simpler. There just weren’t that many choices—print, radio, TV, throw in a little direct mail, maybe some billboards, a reasonable ad spend, a clever campaign, and cross your fingers. As John Wanamaker, a successful merchant from the 1860s, so eloquently stated, […]

Keeping it Real: Why Brand Authenticity Matters Now More Than Ever

If your brand strategy isn’t informed by brand authenticity, you could be wasting your time. Brand authenticity isn’t something you acquire through SEO or social media sharing. It’s simply your brand’s commitment to its core values—the answer to the question why do you do what you do. There are no shortcuts to brand authenticity because it […]

How Staying Flexible Helps You Weather Changes in the Marketing World

When I moved to Vermont from the central coast of California, I knew adjustments would have to be made. I found myself shopping for snow boots and real cold weather clothes, items which had never populated my closet before. Snow tires for my car, a snow shovel for my walkway—I was determined to be ready for the […]

So Many Choices, So Few Marketing Dollars

How and where to spend and move the needle. For many marketers, figuring out what to spend  and where to spend it to drive revenue is enough to make your hair catch fire. It’s the question we’re asked most often here at Nomad—WHERE should we spend our marketing dollars, and HOW MANY of these precious dollars should we spend? The WHERE can get interesting […]

The Best Way to Move Your Marketing Effort Forward

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.” –Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of Saturday Night Live. Sound familiar? It’s a rephrasing of a slightly older, but no less valuable lesson often attributed to the French poet Voltaire, “the best is the enemy of the good.” That’s advice we often […]

What Yoga Can Teach You About Being More Productive: How to NamaSTAY Focused

Whether you’re the owner of a big time ad agency or the newest entry-level designer at the local sign shop, increased productivity is a win-win for all. From the owner’s perspective the benefit is clear. More productivity leads to increased profitability and a healthy bottom line. Margaritas on the beaches of Mexico anyone? Moving on […]

Visual Marketing: The Importance of Keeping the Eye in Imagery

“But my brother Phil is a great photographer, can’t we just use his shots?” If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a bad picture worth and what’s a good picture worth? Visuals are a vital piece of marketing communication today (as they have been for at least the last two to three millennia) and almost every […]

Agility is the Key to a Successful Website Redesign

Pop quiz! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “website redesign project?” It’s doubtful that your mind just jumped to piece of cake or walk in the park. Unless, of course, you were thinking of things you’d rather have in your day than the classic headache of managing a website redesign project. […]

Finding Your Voice. And Losing It. And Finding It. And Losing It.

Occasionally, I visit classrooms and give talks about being a writer. It can be agonizing, because I always discover how capable the next generation really is and then I worry about job security. But mostly, it’s fun. At a recent school visit, I talked to a room full of high school seniors at a local […]

Learning How to Write with Stephen Colbert

I’m a morning person, so I catch clips of late night shows in the early morning hours. It’s actually a pretty great way to wake up. I drink my coffee, peruse social media, watch the stuff that looks like it has the most potential. This morning, I found this segment of Stephen Colbert answering a […]

Marketers: Are You Leveraging Mobile Strategies to Boost Revenue and Generate Leads?

I’ve been hearing this sentiment for quite a while now: “We are becoming a mobile-first world.” While I knew it was inevitable, prior to this year, the channel was still growing. Looking at web traffic data, mobile was certainly gaining ground, but by a percentage of total traffic, desktop still maintained the lion’s share – especially […]

How to Leverage Data to Target Younger (or Any) Generation

Here at Nomad, we are often tasked with identifying young audiences and engaging them with a brand. This is an elusive audience because there’s a lack of traditional ways for identifying them. Older audiences have home addresses, taxes, credit cards, cars, careers, and a Facebook profile–all things that help define them. Younger generations (we’re talking […]

Feeding the Googleplex

What Google Ads Says About Google Since its initial public offering in August 2004, Google’s stated mission has involved organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful. No one in his right mind could argue with this noble and lofty ambition. But most of Google’s profits are derived from Google Ads, the […]

How to Write Great Blogs: 5 Strategies for Success

You know what keeps me up at night? Worrying about blog posts. So, how do I alleviate my worries and get a full night’s sleep? Here are five go-to blog idea generators I fall back on.

How to be a Smarter Marketer. Getting from “I think I know” to “I know I know.”

Got data? We sure do. We’re up to our eyeballs in it! We all try and make smart, data-driven decisions. Oftentimes, however, our marketing decisions are based on partial data, incomplete data, or emotions—leading to poor decisions even when we think we’re being strategic. Here are four ways to prevent this data-disconnect from happening. 1. Avoid The “Think-We-Know” Conundrum So, maybe this sounds […]

Avoid The Social Media Slump: How To Use Data You Already Have

Why is data so prevalent now and what does it really mean for us as marketers and business owners?

How to Market in an Attention Deficit World

Goldfish have a longer attention span than humans. No, this is not fake news or a salacious headline designed to generate clicks.  Believe it or not, there is real scientific data to back this up. According to a new study from Microsoft, most people generally lose concentration after eight seconds.  The same study also reports that […]

The Marketer’s Rule of 7: Make Your 7 (or 10 or 15) Count

There’s a theory in marketing that a potential customer needs to be exposed to your brand at least seven times before deciding to buy—it’s called the rule of seven. Of course, that number was decided on by movie studio executives in the 1930s, way before social media hit our screens and changed everything. So how […]

Photo Shoot Guidelines for Real People

At Nomad, by and large we have an aversion to using stock photography of people, and, in most cases, you should too. Your customers aren’t just anyone and neither are your team members. Yes, there is some great stock photography of people out there and for some purposes, it absolutely makes sense to use it. […]

5 Tips to Help You Think Outside the Box

Whether you’re a graphic design professional with 10 years of experience or a first-year design student, the pressure to come up with original ideas is very real. No one wants to be known for churning out the same boring designs over and over. Let’s be honest, lipstick on a pig? It’s still a pig. Adding […]

How to Further Understand the Needs of Your Visitors

Here at Nomad, we are very interested in our clients’ data. After all, it’s this data that helps us make informed decisions on how best to apply your marketing dollars to reap the greatest return. When we can better understand the needs of the visitors and recognize what they are looking for, we can tailor […]

3 Reasons Why Effective Imagery Reflects Your Brand and Not Your Product

It’s the family photo you have on your desk at work. The framed picture of your wedding day. The selfie you took with your friend right before heading on a cross-country road trip. Regardless of the subject matter, these examples of imagery evoke emotions of good times in your life and your brain recalls those […]